Under the Midnight Sun:
The Ascent of John Denver Peak and
the Search for the Northernmost Point
of Land on Earth
By John A. Jancik, Steve Gardiner & Javana M. Richardson
Includes photographs by Galen Rowell

Stars End Creation, Inc. (2003)
200 pages

8.25" x 10"
B23H • $29.95

From the dust jacket: The 2001 Return To The Top Of The World Expedition achieved numerous successes with their latest adventure in original exploration. Consisting of six members of the 1996 American Top Of The World Expedition and three new members, the team traveled to Northern Greenland, home of the world’s largest national park, to verify previous discoveries and to accomplish exciting new goals.

The 2001 RTOW Expedition started their adventure before climbing a single mountain or walking a solitary mile by confirming a discovery that changed the geography of the world! On Friday, July 13, 2001, the Colorado-based team, in association with the Danish Polar Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, confirmed through air reconnaissance the existence and location of an island approximately five kilometers off the northern coast of Greenland. This island, which was first visited by the 1996 American Top Of The World Expedition, lies farther north than the previously known northernmost point of land on Earth—Oodaaq Island. This great geographical discovery of a new northernmost point of land on Earth will change maps and atlases for all future generations.

The 2001 RTOW Expedition went on to accomplish a mountaineering goal that had its origins in Colorado, but received widespread worldwide support. In making the first ascent of the highest unclimbed peak in the northernmost mountain range on Earth, the 2001 RTOW Expedition placed all nine members on its summit with the team's ultimate goal of naming this mountain “JOHN DENVER PEAK,” in honor and memory of Colorado’s singer / songwriter, John Denver. Taking over 20 hours to successfully climb, this breathtaking peak is approximately a mile high and overlooks the Arctic Ocean.

Highlighted by stunning and historic photographs, Under The Midnight Sun is a compelling chronicle of original exploration and mountaineering adventure. Written by Steve Gardiner, author of Why I Climb and Devil’s Tower National Monument Climbing Handbook; and by Javana M. Richardson, author of A Tribute To John Denver: Poems Prayers & Promises; and by John A. Jancik, co-leader of both the 1996 and the 2001 Top Of The World Expeditions, this story sets a true example of personal achievement and supplies proof that with determination, drive, and the spirit of the wild and free, dreams do come true.

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