Featured Artist: Londie G. Padelsky

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Footprints on sand, 2 by Londie G. Padelsky
Kalalau Valley on the Na Pali coast by Londie G. Padelsky
Ski tracks and morning fog by Londie G. Padelsky
Mount Banner and Ritter at Thousand Island Lake by Londie G. Padelsky
Lupine wildflowers and fog by Londie G. Padelsky
Hot Springs Geysers, Black Rock Desert by Londie G. Padelsky
Cattle roundup at Lone Pine by Londie G. Padelsky
Oak leaves by Londie G. Padelsky
Half Dome reflection, Yosemite Valley by Londie G. Padelsky
Iguazu Falls at Iguazu National Park by Londie G. Padelsky
Convict Lake reflection, Eastern Sierra by Londie G. Padelsky
Cathedral Peak reflection, Yosemite wilderness by Londie G. Padelsky

Photographs © 2017 Londie G. Padelsky. All rights reserved worldwide.

For more images and information, visit www.Londie.com.

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