Galen Rowell Singh-Ray
Neutral Density Grad Filters
Without Filter
With Filter

In the image above on the left, Galen exposed for the sunlit red rocks and totally lost the foreground in dark shadow.

Using a 3-stop, soft-edged grad for the image above on the right, he was able to expose for the rocks and also capture the detail and color in the shadows that he could see with his eyes.

“Use of graduated neutral density filters is not as obvious as it seems. My success rate has gone up at least a thousand percent since I first bought a cheap neutral density graduated filter in the seventies and began experimenting with it to make photos that I hoped would more closely record the colors and tones I naturally saw. I soon discovered that, as with all good things in life, there is no free lunch.

“Each Galen Rowell Singh-Ray ND grad in the set… serves a different purpose. When I go light and carry just two, I choose one that has a soft, gradual shift from clear to a two-stop gradation (2-stop soft) and another that abruptly changes from zero to three stops across only five pecent of its area (3-stop hard) for typical use across straight horizons in sunrise or sunset situations. On serious photo assignments or personal expeditions I feel naked without my full set of four ND grads.”

–Galen Rowell

Galen Rowell Singh-Ray ND Grad and Polarizing Filters are designed for use with Cokin “P” Series filter holders and lens adapter rings—available from Mountain Light. ND Grad Filters can be custom ordered to fit the Cokin “A” Series filter holder at no additional charge.
1-Stop Soft Filter $109   1-Stop Hard Filter $109
2-Stop Soft Filter $109   2-Stop Hard Filter $109
3-Stop Soft Filter $109   3-Stop Hard Filter $109
4-Stop Soft Filter $165   4-Stop Hard Filter $165
Basic Set of 4 (2-Stop and 3-Stop, Soft and Hard) $39995
Advanced Set of 4 (1-Stop and 4-Stop, Soft and Hard) $48995
“Lighter, Brighter” Warming Circular Polarizer by Singh-Ray:
Cokin “P” Sprocket Mount — In Stock $231
Standard Screw-In Model 52 to 77mm (spec. ord.) $231
Wide-Angle Screw-In Model 72 & 77mm (spec. ord.) $264
Variable Neutral Density, Screw-In 77mm (spec. ord.) $374
Thin Variable N.D., Screw-In 77mm (spec. ord.) $429
Ray Vu Optical Cleaner $1495
Cokin “P” Series Filter Holder $16
Cokin “P” Series Wide-Angle Filter Holder $34
Cokin “P” Series Lens Adapter Ring (49mm to 82mm) $20
shipMinimum shipping and handling charge within the United States of America is $10.00 (UPS ground). Please inquire for a shipping quote.
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