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List of Limited Editions
Following is a complete list of Limited Edition prints by Galen Rowell. Items marked with a blue dot [] are Special Editions; items marked with a red dot [] are classified as Scarce and are currently unavailable, unless otherwise specified. Please see the section at the bottom of this page for more information on Limited Edition pricing and availability.
AA0001 Climber on pinnacle near Mount Whitney
AA0002 Buttermilk Road, Eastern Sierra
AA0003 Sunset after a storm, Yosemite Valley
AA0005 Moonlight at Concordia, Karakoram, Himalaya
AA0007 Valley of the Ten Peaks, Canadian Rockies
AA0008 Last light on Horsetail Fall, Yosemite
AA0009 Edge of the Patriarch Grove, White Mountains
AA0010 Machapuchare at dawn, Nepal
AA0011 Sunrise on Tioga Pass, High Sierra
AA0012 Vermilion Lakes, Canadian Rockies
AA0015 Bristlecone at sunrise, White Mountains
AA0016 Giant sand dune, Ancient Silk Road, Pamir Range, China
AA0019 Rainbow over the Potala Palace, Tibet
AA0020 In high winds on Anye Machin, Chinghai Province
AA0021 Stormy evening on the Tibetan Plateau
AA0027 Punjabi Merchant, Northern Area
AA0036 Lenticular clouds, Eastern Sierra
AA0038 Jeffrey pine and juniper, Olmsted Point, Yosemite
AA0039 Wildflowers in sagebrush, Grant Lake, Eastern Sierra
AA0040 Bristlecone snag under Wheeler Peak, Snake Range
AA0043 Winter in the Patriarch Grove, White Mountains
AA0047 Pratt’s crack, Eastern Sierra
AA0048 Alpenglow on corniced ridge, Mount McKinley, Alaska
AA0049 Cirque of the Unclimables, NWT, Canada
AA0050 Sunrise over the Skeena River, British Columbia
AA0051 Descending the Ruth Glacier, Alaska Range, Denali National Park
AA0055 Clearing storm over El Capitan, Yosemite
AA0058 Cabin in the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre, Alaska Range
AA0064 Three climbers on Mount Everest’s west ridge
AA0065 Cloud cap on K2, Karakoram, Himalaya
AA0076 Lynx in alpine flowers, Teklanika River, Alaska
AA0079 Mountain goat on cliff, NWT, Canada
AA0080 Sierra bighorn rams, Sand Canyon, Eastern Sierra
AA0081 California gulls in last light, Mono Lake
AA0084 Snow leopard in central China
AA0087 On the Great Trango Tower, Karakoram, Himalaya
AA0088 Porters at Concordia, Karakoram, Himalaya
AA0089 Celebrating return to green grass from K2, Karakoram, Himalaya
AA0091 Icicles on the Beltoro Glacier, Pakistan
AA0092 Porters in the Braldu Gorge, Pakistan
AA0094 Lone man and Broad Peak
AA0095 Trango Towers, Karakoram, Himalaya
AA0096 Winter moonset at sunrise, Wheeler Crest, Eastern Sierra
AA0097 Split rock and cloud, Eastern Sierra
AA0099 Crescent moon and unnamed peak, Karakoram, Himalaya
AA0119 Late summer snow beneath Mount Williamson, High Sierra
AA0371 Twilight mist, Merced River, Yosemite
AA0389 Reflection Pond, Denali Park, Alaska
AA0423 Star streaks over Mount Kailas, Tibet
AA0431 Wild horses below Fitz Roy, Patagonia
AA0612 Lenticular cloud over the Owens River, Eastern Sierra
AA0618 Twilight fog over San Francisco Bay, Berkeley Hills
AA0718 Cuernos del Paine at dawn over Lago Pehoe, Patagonia
AA0765 Emperor penguin greeting ritual, Cape Crozier, Antarctica
AA0798 Wildflowers beside Waterwheel Falls, Toulumne River, Yosemite
AA0804 Polar bear cub resting beside its mother, Churchill, Manitoba
AA0805 Polar bear and first year cubs, Churchill, Manitoba
AA0808 Mist over the John River, Gates of the Arctic, Alaska
AA0863 Late summer wildflowers at sunset, Logan Pass, Glacier National Park
AA0880 Sunset over Machu Picchu, Peru
AA0941 Stormy sunset over Evolution Lake, High Sierra
Please contact if you are interested in any of these items. NOTE: Special Edition Prints, editions with fewer than 100 prints remaining, and prints signed by the artist remain unavailable until further notice, unless otherwise specified.

For Limited Edition pricing and availability information, please see our Limited Edition Price List.
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