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New Filter Available: the LB Warming Circular Polarizer from Singh-Ray

Mountain Light is excited to announce a new filter: The "lighter, brighter" warming circular polarizer from Singh-Ray! While most circular polarizers absorb two full stops of light, the LB polarizer absorbs only one and a third stops, giving photographers greater creative control to stop action with faster shutter speeds or select greater depth of field with smaller apertures. Greater light transmission also results in a brighter viewfinder image, better autofocus and metering performance in low light, and makes it easier to accurately position graduated neutral density filters when using them in combination with a polarizer.

Mountain Light is stocking the LB warming circular polarizer in the sprocket mount to fit Cokin P series filter holders (the same used with Galen's ND grad filters), and the screw-in version is available via special order in sizes from 52mm to 77mm, with slim-line wide angle versions available in 72mm and 77mm sizes. Visit the Filters page for more information or to order.

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