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Winter 2007 Exhibit: Linde Waidhofer

Photo (c) Linde WaidhoferNature photographer Linde Waidhofer is the guest artist at Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop, now through Dec. 31st.

For Waidhofer, landscape photography is as much passion as profession. She searches for the photographic equivalent of the emotional impact of wild and mysterious landscapes. She finds this equivalent in the secret geometry and design beneath the surface of the natural world, in images of simplicity and abstraction. She loves wild landscapes, natural light and changing weather.

Her latest photographic adventure has been an ongoing exploration of Patagonia, the southernmost end of South America, a landscape of incredible beauty, relatively unvisited and unknown, and almost unphotographed.

Waidhofer's exhibit is open to the public. Gallery hours are 10-6 Sunday through Thursday and 10-8 Friday and Saturday. Mountain Light is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

For more information about Linde Waidhoffer, please visit her website. For more information about this and other exhibits at Mountain Light Gallery, please visit our Featured Artist Guest Exhibits page.

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